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The market of industrial constructions in Romanian is going upward, characterised by a fast growth of the number of developers in the field, but also of the built objectives (industrial halls, metallic constructions etc.)

In this context, Qvadra Constructions Consulting SRL has acquired a good reputation among its partners, thanks to its customized consulting, quality project management, observance of budget forecast and deadlines of execution.

We believe that the fulfilment of these criteria stands as the correct recipe in obtaining high standard works, which are in agreement with the requirements and needs of our customers.

Qvadra Constructions Consulting SRL makes industrial and civil objectives on metallic structures, such as industrial halls, modular halls, demountable halls and office buildings.  

Thanks to the complex services we offer, we have surpassed the stage of being a simple supplier or constructor. We identify ourselves as a strategic partner, being there for you from the first sketch of the project and up until the final reception of the building.

The complete solution we offer consists of consulting on the initiated project, together with all the steps it implies, and the construction of the objective, together with all the stages of its realization.

Team up with us and it will exempt you from supplementary activities, as you will transfer the whole responsibility for the carrying out of the project to only one solid partner.


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