Metal constructions

Metal constructions

The best solution for the most solid construction!
Going together through the consulting stage, we get closer to the time of the actual building of the objective. In the second stage, dedicated to the construction of the objective, we will implement the steps below.

Materials and technologies 
We use the most state-of-the-art and innovative technologies, doubled by materials at European quality standards. Because of the large orders launched to the main suppliers of materials, we obtain for you low costs which will reflect in the total cost of the work. We work with traditional suppliers who, in the course of time, have demonstrated the seriousness and consistency for which they are well-know. Thus, we guarantee an optimal quality-price-delivery deadline ratio.

Realization of the budget 
Starting from the design stage and up until deciding on the materials used on site, we advise you for the realization of the optimal budget. Here, we plan the structure of the costs and the stages for the deduction of works. In conclusion, we try to ensure you a correct financial forecast and this will allow for an uninterrupted carrying out of the project.

Execution schedule
The planning of the carrying out of the projects, materialized in the execution schedule, is an essential element in the construction of an objective. In light of our experience, we make realistic and efficient execution schedules which allow for an optimal continuity of the executed works. The elimination of bottlenecks reduces the cost of the resources allotted and the execution time of the objective.

Project Management
Each Project is assigned to a Project Manager – a construction engineer with training and experience in the field, who ensures the organization and efficient coordination of the execution of works on site. Every day operational meetings take place, in which we discuss the stage of the execution of the project. After these meetings, you will receive regular reports regarding the stage of execution of the works and the observance of the deadlines from the execution plan.

Quality Assurance Programmes
The carrying out of the construction mounting operations is done according to European and international quality standards. The materials used in the building of the objectives are always accompanied by quality certificates. We use specialized software which allows us a direct control on the evolution of the project. The completion of the construction log book will offer the guarantee for the quality of the materials used and the observance of professional norms in the field.