You bring the idea, we’ll bring the solution!
We are not just simple constructors! Until the building of the objective itself, we consider it useful and necessary to consult each other for the selection of the best directions and solutions. Therefore, consulting represents the first step of your collaboration with us, in the development of a project.

Initial analysis
As part of the initial analysis, we support you in the clear outlining and completion of the concept for the desired objective. Together we establish the purpose of the project, we make the configuration plans of the future objective, the roads of access and compartmentalization solutions. Here we also make plans for the design of the front side views, we make succinct mentions on the main materials used for the façade and we release the structure proposal.  A well-accomplished initial analysis exonerates you from costs and important delays which can intervene because of changes required midway.

Acquisition of the location 
In order to meet your requirements with complete services, we make available our consulting services in the real estate field, for the establishment and purchase of an optimal location for the construction.

Design of the construction
The use of the latest technologies and technical solutions can bring you major savings in the budget of the construction. Thanks to the experience accumulated and the strategic partnerships with design companies in the field, we offer you the best solutions and guarantee that you will obtain a building perfectly adapted to the initial purpose.

Obtaining permits and authorizations
Quite often, the beginning or the carrying out of a project slows down or even stagnates due to delays in obtaining the necessary permits and authorizations. We will support you to surpass these true obstacles, by fluidizing at maximum the processes of obtaining the main permits and authorizations:

  • Urban Planning Certificate
  • Agreements and permits required by the Urban Planning Certificate from the following:
    • State Inspectorate in Constructions
    • RENEL
    • ROMGAZ
    • PSI
    • etc.
  • building permit

Specialized services
A series of other specialized services are necessary for obtaining the authorizations and starting the works regarding an objective. In light of our experience, we ensure a selection of the best companies for the provision of services such as:

  • Execution of land survey
  • Execution of geotechnical study
  • Drawing up of fire scenario
  • Various other specialized studies